Cast Away

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So this happened to be my third project, and I decided to do the Four Icon visual project. Simple enough, you had to simplify a movie of your choice into four icons/clipart that could define or symbolize in as many choices. I chose to do the famous Tom Hanks movie “Cast Away” where he ends up on shore of an uninhabited island with no way to leave, and spend years there before he reaches home to see life has moved on without him. Honestly the icons weren’t difficult to think of because the movie features very prominent parts and I was able to visualize those to describe the movie in the 4 icons I chose.

Here it is:

Zarar - Four Icon Project

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One Response to “Cast Away”

  1. Derek Says:

    Great choice of movie! Also, good choice of images. I found each one was very evocative and had me recalling scenes from the film.

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