I Present to you…

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….. my final DS106 video project.

I had previously decided to do the Movie Trailer Mashup, but the idea of putting together scenes from a series of the same movie intrigued me even more. So what I’ve done is taken the 5 trailers of the Final Destinations movies, took scenes from the trailers and put together one trailer, and added the Saw theme music in the background. I was definitely trying to give it the epic look. I then submitted this type of assignment on the DS106 website. This took time and effort, and was definitely challenging. Windows Movie Maker/Windows Live Movie Maker… -___- . Just frustrating, not many editing options, but I put my mind to it and got it done! I also had a tough time because I accidently saved it as a WLMP file, which didnt work and I thought my hours of editing had gone to waste, but some helps from friends and some googling around did the trick. I really hope you guys like. Feel free to comment.

Without much further ado:


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