A Final Post Describing How Amazing DS106 Is!

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So I decided to take this class in the summer session to fulfill my ALPP Gen Ed requirement. I had never heard of this class before and quite frankly had no idea what to expect. I couldnt get in touch with anyone who had taken it before, and hadn’t a clue about the professor. Then the e-mail from Martha came a week or so before class, and it seemed intimidating (good job Martha :P), and I definitely thought about dropping the class a couple times, but decided to stick with it. And its one of the best decision I’ve ever made! This class is by far the most laid-back and most fun class I’ve ever gotten to take in college. Martha was a wonderful professor to take, loved her humor and helpfulness. The people I met in the class were all unique and friendly (love ya guys 🙂 ). I was able to use and utilize Twitter and create a Flickr account. Besides that, I enjoyed everything I did in DS106. As frustrating as some of the projects were and downloading and manipulating software, I had fun while doing all of this. The experience of this class has been unlike any of my other classes, and I really have nothing but good words to put in for DS106.

I think I would have to say this last final video project might have been my strongest work in the class, besides one of the four visual/design projects I did that turned out great  (the Google one). It was an experience to say the least, but I was proud of what I was able to accomplish. Of course if I was given more time, practice makes perfect, and I would have used different downloaded editing software and created a trailer that was more appealing and smooth, but I did what I could with the time I had I guess. “Digital Storytelling” to me probably had a completely different, and WRONG meaning before I took this course, but after the recollections of this five-week period, I could tell you that it is the reaching across a message through the cyber world, through the different levels and medium of digital media, which are all so powerful and provocative and their is leeway to accomplish so much even if you have so little. Technology really has no limits and it continues to expand its horizons. To future DS106 students, come into this course with creative juice flowing and an open mind, and I’m sure this class will be a lot of fun, and I’d be hardpressed to find somebody who disliked this class. Overall, there was much to learn from this class and all of what I took in could be potentially very helpful because of my ability to use these different types of digital mediums to my benefit, and for those who get into the computers field these information is gold. As I depart, I gotta thank everybody for making this a great time, and a positive experience! DS106 For Life!

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  1. otto paertz Says:

    Thanks for sharing this enthusiastic review of your course.

    It’s interesting to read how your view of digital storytelling evolved through your work and experiences in ds106.

    Your instructor must be both delighted and proud to read such blog posts.

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