I Present to you…

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….. my final DS106 video project.

I had previously decided to do the Movie Trailer Mashup, but the idea of putting together scenes from a series of the same movie intrigued me even more. So what I’ve done is taken the 5 trailers of the Final Destinations movies, took scenes from the trailers and put together one trailer, and added the Saw theme music in the background. I was definitely trying to give it the epic look. I then submitted this type of assignment on the DS106 website. This took time and effort, and was definitely challenging. Windows Movie Maker/Windows Live Movie Maker… -___- . Just frustrating, not many editing options, but I put my mind to it and got it done! I also had a tough time because I accidently saved it as a WLMP file, which didnt work and I thought my hours of editing had gone to waste, but some helps from friends and some googling around did the trick. I really hope you guys like. Feel free to comment.

Without much further ado:


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5 Responses to “I Present to you…”

  1. Tim Owens Says:

    You did an excellent job of choreographing the cut scenes with the music. The video had a great rhythm to it!

  2. Derek Says:

    You definitely captured an epic feel. I think the music does a good job of getting at that mood.

    I feel you about the frustration. I was using imovie and was still feeling annoyed about somethings. I can only imagine how frustrating windows movie maker was. Still despite that the video turned out great. Nice job.

  3. aqsaz430 Says:

    This music always freaks me out! You did a great job merging all the clips together, there was no second of lapse or anything. Great job!

  4. Dana Says:

    Awesome! I love the tunes and the scenes correspond perfectly!

  5. mburtis Says:

    “some helps from friends and some googling around did the trick.” — love it. That’s the way we roll in ds106.

    I’ve never seen the series, but after watching your video with my husband last night, we added it to our NetFlix queue. So I think your epic, uber trailer worked!

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