After Much Ado…

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So after thought, since this is the final project after all, I decided to do the Movie Trailer Mashup for the Video Storytelling Assignment. Yes, this is gonna be difficult and challenging, but I wanted to tackle something tough as I exit this course, and hopefully it can turn out be at least decent. I’m not getting my hopes up yet, and I havent selected the movies I’ll do yet, but that’ll come along soon. Also I didn’t know whether to submit this as an assignment again, since it’s already on the DS106 website and I’m going to do that same exact assignment. Correct me if I’m wrong about that Martha. So we’ll see how this goes, still a chance I end up doing something different. But this is what I plan to do, and who knows, it could turn out real well. Nothing like ending the class with a bang…

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  2. mburtis Says:

    Since this is on the DS106 site as an assignment, you don’t need to submit it. Just make sure you use the tags that are listed on that assignment when you post it.

    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

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