Web Story: Twist off of Textfromlastnight

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After much trouble and problems, I finally finished my web story. I manipulated the website textsfromlastnight.com, and changed the theme of the texts to “Texts from the nursing home”, basically showing funny texts that senior citizens would omit, instead of the usual college student and young adults who appear on the site.

I had trouble with ScreenGrab after I was done, and it just would not capture my entire webpage for some reason, but thanks to a classmate I was able to acquire a PNG image file, and also I faced difficulties with Firebug and Notepad++ and the integration of both to edit the website. But I was able to come up with a final version.


2 Responses to “Web Story: Twist off of Textfromlastnight”

  1. mburtis Says:

    Very creative — it turned out well! Your screenshot, though, seems to be of a version that wasn’t styled correctly. Also, if you add this code to the section of your code, the alignment will work better:

    #content {
    overflow: visible !important;

    Otherwise, great job!

  2. zahmed Says:

    Thanks Martha! I was able to fix the png image as well!

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