Switched At Birth, another TAL exclusive…

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Well before I started to listen to this 4th episode of This American Life, the preview and title just seemed enticing and very interesting. “On a summer day in 1951, two baby girls were born in a hospital in small-town Wisconsin. The infants were accidentally switched, and went home with the wrong families.” That caption itself made me want to start up the radio show and see what it had to offer. It set up the story pretty well, of course Ira Glass doing his usual brilliant work. But I believe that about 20 minutes into it, the story seemed to lose me, and I think the segment should have been narrowed down to a shorter length, perhaps add some more stories in the hour long broadcast.

Now for the story, I just its mind-boggling, crazy how 43 years can pass without this truth and secret being exposed, and the fact that one of the mothers had known all along, but never could garner herself to let the truth be told…. that does absolutely make for a great story. As the show progressed, it really dug deep into family values, and the difference of lifestyles the girls lived through, as opposed to what they would’ve gone through living with their biological families. The sudden change and shock for all parties involved after the truth was exposed was also dramatic and emotional, having to adjust to knowing you belong to another family and have another set of parents, while calling those who really aren’t your own for 40+ years. Now given that, some of the content was unnecessary because it didnt captivate listeners, or at least not me.

However, I did like this episode, it kept me interested and entertained for the 1st 20-25 minutes or so, the story and background was really fascinating. I just wish there were some subsegments that changed up the topic a bit, take our attention elsewhere, because an hour on the same story was too much. Anyone would start losing interest towards the end. But still a great job from the production, the piece was still powerful and provocative.


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  1. Aqsa Says:

    Nice post Zarar. yea, I agree, it is crazy to know that sadly these switches do happen more than they should! But, absolutely family values was definitely something that this segment brought up and i’m glad it did. The whole situation itself is so shocking and kind of bittersweet honestly, in my humble opinion

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