Third Time’s…. not a charm…

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Well, lets just say this was my least favorite of the three This American Life episodes I have heard so far. Just unusual and weird stories seemed to be my thoughts as I listened to the 59 minutes of audio of this one, perhaps expecting more because of the complexity and excitement of the previous two. This one just really didn’t hit the spot. I thought the “greatest phone message in the world” was kind of humorous, because of the fact that a simple message turned out to be such a hit, so that was one of the high points of the episode. Act One was just negativity, and a downer of a story. Act Two was awe-inspiring and a good way to send a message, so I thought that was neat. The last act with the man who found the love of his life through the message he sent her to Italy, was a feel-good kind of story that makes you say “Aw thats cute :D” and I felt happy for the guy because his method and his success at something he tried very hard to achieve. But overall, honestly I kind of got bored with this episode and kept zoning in and out, and this is from trying to listening to it twice; the content was again very creative and definitely portrayed a message I understood and created my own meaning of, but I could say the first two episodes I enjoyed much more. But nevertheless, This American Life never does fail to disappoint, but maybe a little sometimes… hope the next episode is entertaining again though!


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