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An sixty-eight minute listen to the radio series This American Life, and the specific episode, “#1 Party School” really gave me a good first impression of the show and I enjoyed the show, expecting more of the same in the future. But this episode touched on a topic dear to many of us college students: the aspects of drinking, partying and life in the social scene.

The show made me realize the differences and similarities of the scene here at the University of Mary Washington with Penn State, and they gave such a great illustration of the affects of the binge drinking and huge frat partying habits of students on themselves, and other around them. Because it is such a big school, the problem has been brought up and taken into action on multiple occasions but it just cannot be controlled because of various factors. The students feel like they need to live upto their reputation as world-class partiers at Penn-State, and that comes with its obvious negative affects. I also saw much of the same that goes on here in Fredericksburg as a small college town and the roots it has invested in the University and how the students potentially make or break its reputation through their actions. This American Life really made me question all the crazy, wild and unnecessary behavior that was displayed in the episode and personally through what I’ve seen here at UMW.

The police, the residents nearby among others affiliated with State College and Penn State have had a tough time dealing with this and this is a safety hazard as shown with the alcohol poisoning death, and through the humorous parts shown earlier in the episode, it ultimately ends on a negative note, perhaps sending a message that we as college students can benefit off from. Sometimes we need to realize our actions, and the consequences of them to ourselves and other people, and being under the influence impairs that judgment, and that night that was so great could end up on a bad, potentially tragic note.

I enjoyed the episode, really hoping the others we listen to for DS106 are equally as interesting and enriching.


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